hello I am MOMO

Momo means “peach” in Japanese. Which is kind of how I have always felt I have to be: a certain shape, sweet, adapting to the flow of my surroundings and being loved and appreciated and enjoyed by everyone around me. It is also English slang for “idiot” or “goof”. Which is of course what I want to be when I grow (up). Because idiot’s and goofy people always know what they stand for and feel comfortable enough with themselves to just be who they are.

In this blog I write down all my random thoughts, some are positive some aren’t. But why..? WHY…?? Because I want to get to know myself better, what do I find important, why do I live the way I live and can I change it? It is a thing people always want and, especially in this day and age, always talk about. You probably thought about it as well, right?

It made me think “why just talk, why not make an effort to really get to know myself better?” and “why not share it with you?”.

During the extend of this blog I am going to try to accept myself and challenge myself to do a couple of things out of my comfort zone, one of which is to backpack for three months.

Alone… Away from my friends, familiy and lover. What the hell am I getting myself into…??

Are you in for the ride?

By(e) MOMO