Equality is a word I love. Equality is a value I want to strive towards and a value I think about often. For example one of my random thoughts about equality was: How could a job application be made more equal?

The other day I had a very interesting conversation with a group of people about equality. They were organising a festival with students from different educational attainments. They were doing this, striving to bring people together and to see equality happen before their eyes. I was so excited to hear about it! These were people were actually doing something about it. (Unlike my lazy ass. Maybe a challenge for this coming year?)

Anyways.. I told them about the method I thought of for job applications, which I would apply at my company (you know in case I ever start my own company, no idea what my company would be about though.. Ahem.. so getting back to the point). I would not want to see a name, sex, date of birth or photo of this applicant. When I want people applying for jobs in my company, I just want to see what they did and their motivation to come work for my company. The rest is actually irrelevant.

To which their reply was: but why do you even need to do this? Why shouldn’t they send it in, if it didn’t matter..?

I was kind of blown away actually. I was so happy with my revelation, but they made such a valid point. I thought: why indeed? Psychology wise however, I can explain why it does matter. Subconsciously  people want to hang out with people they can relate to. And if you don’t know a person, the first superficial thing you see, is what you are trying to relate to. Because in the end, having something in common means you can connect, means you can be friends, which will make you part of a group and in groups you can survive evolutionary wise.

For example when you look at a class in school, especially on the first day, people will pair up with others who look the same or dress the same. It is subconscious and unintentional, but, non-the-less, true.

It is stupid, because it doesn’t mean this superficial pairing actually let’s you hang out with the people with the same values or the same other, more important things.

And honestly I do it too, I pair up with someone I think looks like me or dresses like me. Because we must have more things in common.

Even you do it, because everybody does it. Not on purpose, but subconsciously.

However! Consciously it doesn’t make a lot of sense anymore, because everybody is unique and equal at the same time, no matter what they look like. I bet you can talk to any person and find something in common with them if you take enough time and show enough interest. And that is also something that I know and want to focus on.

Anyway I do have a point I want to make in this story. This rant is not just about talking about my ideals, but has something to do with this blog (I promise). In this blog I am going to write about myself, about my thoughts, my actions and everything else. However in this blog I am not going to talk about my sex, my ethnicity, my age or my name.

I am going to try to keep those first superficial impressions and obvious consciously unnessesary labels at bay. (What is life without a little mystery right?)

This way you can pretend me to be whoever you want me to be, and stay with me as long as you can listen to my rants, random thoughts and pointless stories. (And as long as you want to of course. I mean I don’t even know how long I would last myself, pff..) And maybe even actually get to know me for whom I am..

Okay that was my point!

By(e) MOMO


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