I have trouble starting things.

I really want to try to start things, but then I lay down on my bed and think ‘ugh, why is my bed so nice, do I really have to get up?’. And at the end of the day it’s like Britney said: ‘Oops, I did it again.’ Or more accurate ‘ Oops, I didn’t again’.

Just this morning I was going to start the Marie Kondo cleaning ritual. Have you heard of this ritual? You have to categorize everything you own, look at each and every item, and think to yourself: ‘does this really make me happy?’. If it does, you keep it. If it doesn’t, you get rid of it. It’s supposed to help you choose what you want in your life. To clear your head and help you surround yourself with, shit that makes you happy.
So obviously some mind-opening and interesting stuff to do.

Anyways I woke up (a bit later than I wanted to, but that is fine), had my oatmeal breakfast (because I am trying to eat healthier, just like the rest of the internet) and turned on some music. I took all my clothes out of the closet, threw it on the bed and picked up my first pair of shorts. (I was going to rock this!) The question Marie Kondo says I should ask myself, is: ‘Does it make me happy?’ While staring at the shorts blankly, I honestly had no idea.

But…! I do know what the problem is! The music isn’t right.. This goes without saying: I had to look for a different song. I walked over to my laptop, Ctrl-tabbed to my Chrome, where a Youtube video was still open from the previous day…

Hmmm, wait a sec… a video I didn’t finish… Let’s just finish that first, than I have at least finished one thing today! – Oee that recommended video sounds like a lot of fun! – Next up: “plating your food, tutorial for Instagram”? (You know I actually am quite curious to see what amount of work people are willing to do just for a photo) – You know how that goes, right? Next thing you know, it is an hour later, I have tried to replicate one of those platings, I changed my clothes three times and I am watching a video of a newfound vlogger a.k.a. a supermodel, who is travelling the world and is happily married with two kids. Sincerely why the hell am I watching these? Is this who I am striving to be? I am not even model material, heck I don’t even know if I want to have kids?!

I give up!

I crash on my bed, close my eyes and think ‘maybe I should do this Marie Kondo thing tomorrow.. You know try to figure myself out later or something.’ BUT! I can’t tomorrow because I have work. I literally.. like literally have to do something today, or I will have to wait another week (ugh).

Then out of the blue I decide ‘I will write my first blog!’. I have been thinking about writing one for months now. This results in me opening my eyes and rolling myself out of bed (I mean this literally, I still feel kind of reluctant). I walk over to my laptop which is situated on my desk, open a document and I just.. start.
And here I am; I have written my first blog! I can actually say I feel quite proud of myself.

Is that maybe the key? To ‘just’ roll out of bed and to ‘just’ start? I guess I have to try it again sometime.. But first I should clean up that pile of clothing on my bed.

By(e) MOMO

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